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    Hazard Zone (Rules and Terms)


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    Upgrade Completed Hazard Zone (Rules and Terms)

    Post  HXTCHOverlord on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:58 am

    Welcome to the Hextech Headquarters! We will be very good friends if you can keep to these rules...

    The main rules consist of NOT:
    • Posting anything that contains Pornographic material, the sale of ANY medication, advertising counterfeit or fake items/websites.
    • Being excessively rude or abusive to other members. We are a controlled environment here - do not go over the top.
    • Starting flame wars anywhere - especially the new member's forum. This will get you a ban (of which length you can view at the bottom of the page).
    • Flaming or abusing members of staff i.e. moderators or administrators. The ban will be quite severe.
    • Racism is an absolutely NO. If you are racist, expect a ban or even a deletion heading your way.
    • Finally, do NOT hack anyone's account. If anyone is hacking and is caught, prepare to be banned from this website for life.

    Our terms are this:
    • We do not accept any responsibility of anyone's views or opinions. It is entirely their own.
    • We reserve the right to delete or edit any posts that you may make, or any comments.
    • We also reserve the right to ban, permanent ban or delete you if you break our rules several times. The severity of your rule-breaking also determines this.
    • Finally, when a moderator or admin writes a post in red text, this is an ORDER (e.g. Stop posting off-topic posts or expect to receive a ban). If you do not follow this the moderator or admin may then choose to ban you or to delete your posts.

    Here is our ranking system. It works by the number of your posts (NOTE: Do NOT spam posts to get a new rank - this will result in a post deletion spree):
    Rank: Posts Required:
    Apprentice 0
    Amateur 10
    Minion 20
    Warrior 50
    Assassin 75
    Strategist 100
    Tactician 125
    Bodyguard 150
    Ninja 175
    Veteran 200
    Adviser 225
    Alchemist 250
    Master Ninja 275
    Hextech Elite Rank 1 300

    That is all the ranks we currently have. Should people come close to exceeding these posts, we will make more ranks.

    The Ban Lengths will depend on the severity of your rule-breaking. Here are the length your ban will be if you break a rule:

    Offence: ------------ Punishment and Length: ---- Repeated Offence Ban:
    Pornographic Material ----- Ban for 1 day. ------------ Ban for 4 days.
    Medication Promotion ----- Ban for 3 day. ------------ Ban for 1 week.
    Spamming Posts ----------- Post deletion. ------------ Ban for 1 day.
    Abusing other Members -- Post deletion. ------------ Ban for 2 days.
    Advertising -------------------- Post deletion. ------------ Ban for 1 week.
    Abusing Mod or Admin ---- Their choice. ------------- Ban for 1 week.

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